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  • Samvera Tech Call 2017-07-05

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  1. Roll call by timezone per following order - ensure notetaker is present (moderator)

    1. folks outside North and South America

    2. Eastern timezone

    3. Central timezone

    4. Mountain timezone

    5. Pacific timezone

    6. folks who were missed or who dialed in during roll call

    7. Welcome all newcomers!
  2. Agenda (moderator)
    1. Call for other agenda items (moderator)
    2. Can we release Hyrax 1.0.2? There are some bug fixes in 1-0-stable it'd be lovely to have in a release. (Bess Sadler)
      1. 1.0.2 has been released.
    3. Signup for Collection Extensions development sprint (Lynette Rayle) - (Sign-up | Sprint on wiki | All WG Phases on wiki)
      1. Planning in July, sprint starts on Aug. 7
      2. Extends basic collection and adds nesting, working in multiple collections, landing page for collections, user and group permissions
    4. Continued ... Can we sort out our Technical Debt? The complexities introduced by solr/fedora/activeFedora? How? If we solved our architecture complexity problems, would we still have the same levels of debt? How much debt is in the architecture, and how much is in the process? Would paid QA engineers, dedicated portions of sprints, meetings to take on high-level analysis get us started getting sorted? ( Jennifer Lindner )
      1. moved to next week
    5. Should restricted files be listed in the work display for users who cannot see them? See (Julie Allinson)
      1. Mike G: move discussion to the ticket linked above
  3. Moderator/notetaker for next time (moderator)
    1. Moderator: Esmé Cowles
    2. Notetaker: Michael J. Giarlo
  4. After call, this week's notetaker should create the agenda for the next call.