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TitleAudienceFormatSuggested byPresenter
Introduction to RSpecDevsWorkshop (half-day)

Using Git and GitHub for managing metadata (no new data models, we promise)

This session is proposed as a two-part workshop:

  • The first will cover a modified version of the ‘Version Control with Git’ Software Carpentry lesson, tailored for a non-developer audience, with more focus on metadata. This is typically taught as a half-day (3 hour) workshop.
  • The second part will focus on the use of Git and GitHub in the context of the metadata workflow.  We will present examples and strategies, taken from recent work by UC Santa Barbara and UC San Diego, of version control, pull requests, and automated hooks and integrations as they relate to moving metadata through a workflow and into our repositories. In addition to these demonstrations, we hope to spend a good percentage of the time available in discussion with other interested institutions and how we might leverage our collective experience to make getting our metadata into our repositories easier, more consistent, and maybe even more fun!

Intro to Git(Hub) Workshop - Anyone new to Git/GitHub

Git/GitHub and Metadata - All (focus on metadata)

Workshop (two half-day)
Upcoming changes in the architecture of Samvera.DevsPresentation
Fedora 4 performance: current status and future worksAllPresentation
Metadata management and batch ingest automation with Git/GitHub, Jenkins, Ansible, and JIRADevs, MetadataPresentation

Fedora project and community update

  • API specification
  • Alternate implementations
  • Semantic versioning
  • Import/export

Extending Fedora: API-X and Import/Export

  • Hands-on with new Fedora extensions and tools
Developers, MetadataWorkshop
So how's your migration going? A Panel Discussion or Breakout Session about migrating apps/content to Hyrax/Fedora 4AllPanel (if others in addition to IU are interested in presenting) or Breakout

Julie Hardesty, (anyone else who did work or is working on migration? Add your name!) Aaron Collier, steve van tuyl, Josh Gum

Managing Enterprise Samvera Infrastructure: From Chef-Solo to Chef-Server

Devs, DevOps, OpsWorkshop (half-day)
Lessons Learned From 100 ReleasesDevPresentation
Hydra-in-a-Box - Final Project UpdateAllPresentation

Community models and authorities for Hyrax applications

Presentation on a gem for Hyrax models and authorities, which provides a central place for creating models for different types of works. Each new model draws on a central pot of properties to declare the set of properties needed to fully describe the particular work. The gem already exists and has sample models for journal article, thesis and more. In this presentation we will work through the process of defining a new model and then using that model in a Hyrax application. The idea behind the gem is to make it easier for developers to deploy new models, and provide a place for metadata folks to jointly define re-usable models.

Devs, MetadataPresentation

Institution-specific Front-end Implementations of Hyrax

Overview of Hyrax implementations at different institutions showcasing how presentation layers can be extended to fit local needs and use cases.

Repo Managers, UX, DevsPresentation

Chris Diaz & Adam Arling

Chris Diaz & Adam Arling

Dive into Valkyrie

Workshop going over the interface, configuration, patterns, and interaction points for using Valkyrie, a library to enable persisting metadata and files into a variety of different backends with a common interface.

DevsWorkshop (half-day)

Hyrax for Research Data

Deep Blue Data - Michigan's Research Data Repository

So you want to migrate from DSpace/CONTENTdm/Digital Commons/Other to Samvera? We've been there are are here to help guide you through your perilous journey!Devs, Repo ManagersWorkshop (half-day) or Panel

Aaron Collier, Josh Gum, and others.