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Fedora is the flexible, extensible, open source repository platform that commonly underlies Samvera implementations. Fedora provides a number of core services that Samvera already uses, such as CRUD operations, versioning, and fixity, and several new, potentially useful extended services have been introduced within the last year. The API Extension Framework provides a means of binding services to repository objects in order to extend the functionality of Fedora, while the Import/Export Utility makes it easier to get content into and out of Fedora in standardized formats and packages. This workshop will introduce both of these new services and discuss how they might be used in the context of Samvera. Participants will also have an opportunity to try them out via hands-on exercises in combination with a virtual machine.

Presenters: David WilcoxAndrew Wilcox, Andrew Woods

Audience: Developers, Metadata


Audience: Developers, new and old - geared towards current adopters or people who have just started working on an application.

Equipment: Laptops are optional, but encouraged.

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