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  1. External content issues:
    1. Need to separate proxy vs. ingest-by-reference operations
      1. Content-Location cannot be used to indicate the URL should be used instead of the request body
    2. Clarify response when copying remote content
    3. Clarify "expires" parameter
      1. Suggestions:
        1. Potentially remove the "expiration" header parameter
        2. Add "Content-Location" under PUT for ingest by reference
          1. If you wanted to add to repo, you would retrieve and upload
        3. Further discussion with Benjamin Armintor before taking action
  2. Versioning issues:
    2. Other versioning questions from API Alignment sprint: Versioning /- Authorization Design
  3. Revisit strictness of requirements for external content, recursive deletion, client-specified ACLs, etc.
    1. Specifically:
      1. 3.7.1 Depth Header 


        2. Use OPTIONS to signal availability of DELETE

      2. 3.8 External Binary Content 


        2. Support for 'message/external-body'

  4. Notifications section:
    1. Good enough for candidate impls? 
  5. Authorization issues
    1. issue-165: Removing support for acl:accessToClass?
      1. Wait on response to
      2. CLAW only uses ACLs for very basic partitioning of drupal instances
        1. Suggestion, add wording that indicates:
          1. implementations MUST do accessToClass
          2. explain what accessToClass does
          3. inference is a MAY 
    1. issue-168: Cross-domain Authorization?
      1. PR: — needs to resolve conflicts
    2. issue-170: Require acl:Append and acl:Control
      1. PR: — needs review from Andrew, Ben
    3. issue-172: Clarify algorithm for finding authorizations
      1. Still pending clarification from Solid
    4. issue-176: ACL creation and linking -- be explicitly silent or specify?
      1. PR: — needs review from Andrew, Ben, Danny

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