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  • 2017-10-18 Program Committee

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  1. Note taker and facilitator  Karen Estlund
  2. Additions/changes to agenda?
    1. 9. Minor Schedule update? Aaron Collier

      Wednesday afternoon, there are 2 panels, back to back:

      • Session 6 - Do you want to migrate from DSpace/ContentDM/DC to Samvera?

      • Session 7 - So How’s your migration going?

      After meeting with the panelist, we’d like to rename the second session to “Samvera Migration Q/A” with the expectation that the information from panel presentation is likely to lead to more questions that can fit in either single 1 hour session. Along with shared content/speakers, our discussion surfaced the need to hold the time for Q/A…

  3. Updates / Questions from Local Host Committee - Chris Diaz
    1. Registration update: 
    2. Hotel update: 
    3. Theme and Newcomer dinners
    4. Volunteers: Volunteers for Samvera Connect 2017
    5. Conference Website Idea:
    6. Reception
  4. Sessionizer
    1. Forgot password issues?
    2. Floor map update? 
      1. Do we need to add the floor maps anywhere else?
  5. Final communications
    1. To-do's email:
    2. Daily communication plan
    3. Where / how to upload slides
  6. Assessment Survey
  7. Feedback / suggestions from this group
  8. Action Items