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  • Work is progressing although not as rapidly as would be ideal due to being under-resourced. Major work is being done by RSPatmire RSPs Atmire and 4science for which we are extremely grateful. There is quite alot of backend functionality underway that will enaure  
    • Major of work has been on backend functionality (namely REST API design, best practices, and framework). This will ensure a better REST API that will operate better w the Angular
    • UI.
  • By the end of 2017/beginning of 2018 there will be more UI mock-ups to review including search enhancements and submission.
  • Authenticatuion Authentication and authorization is next up after submission and search
  • Tim suggests that this group continue to capture UIs that are inspiring especially for search, submission, Authentication, and authorization: UI examples of inspirational design and functionality.
  • The new DSpace entities group isooking is looking at how DSpace might handle people , authors, (i.e. authors) and institutions beginning with with DSpace cris -CRIS application models
    • Mariya interested in entities
    • Jose working with DSpace 5 and entities pilot including a new metadata profile for OpenAir  with entities by end of year—this is a local pilot for DSpace 7–will share with community by end of year
  • Past review of use cases on wiki: Use Cases
  • Did developers use connentscomments/updates?
  • Yes, but often they the use cases are more forward looking—can’t creep DSpace 7 scope, but very useful in planning the future-looking DSpace 7 roadmap
  • Continuing to enhance use cases is helpful.