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  • 2017-11-09 Meeting notes

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Discussion items

  • Generating and managing UX tickets
    • Waffle?
  • Nurax vs Hyrax
  • How soon to spin up usability testing WG
    • What to test? Review guidelines for establishing a WG.
  • Documenting a UX style guide
    • Create a dead simple style guide for starters.   This will bring up a lot of questions regarding Bootstrap dependencies/versions/future.
    • Create a shared repo of small HTML modules (ie. form input element, button, label, modals, radio buttons, multi-select dropdown, etc.)
  • Ideas on how to get buy-in from our managers for Samvera UX community time.


  •  Consider potential opportunities for future collaborative testing (DURT). Potentially formalize as working group once this is defined.
  •  Begin work on a small (at first), shared component repository.