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  • HAWG Call - November 14, 2017

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  1. Check on Gary's recent updates -
  2. Identify a coordinator for HAWG development work (may be same as technical lead)
    1. Sprints starting mid January 2018
    2. Jon McGlone has developers ready to help with the sprint - Various levels of experience with Google Analytics
      1. What need to be worked out:
        1. Alignment of their sprints with community sprints
        2. Dedicated sprint to work on user stories for working group
      2. Want to be a helping hand to get analytics as a baseline then build on top of the baseline
        1. Not as interested in collection reporting
        2. more interested in usage stats
    3. work should take both google analytics and Piewik analytics (Ellen has experience with Piewik)
  3. Identify a technical lead for HAWG development work (may be same as coordinator)
    1. On collections extensions this was the same person, but that could be unique to collection extensions
  4. Spin up Documentation WG for HAWG
    1. We feel it is important to document for analytics what they are seeing and additional high level best practices for using analytics
      1. What are you getting when you get a page view or download from google analytics
    2. Need a person to coordinate the working group to lead a group of people to create a draft of the documentation
    3. Asked Nik if he wants to be the coordinator and he agreed to be the coordinator

Next Steps:

We need to identify the candidates for tech lead and coordinator.  Day to day development set during the effort.


  •  Ellen Ramsey has a person that could be a good tech lead, but that person needs to be asked.
  •  Jon will go back to the Fulcrum/ Deep Blue Data Michigan team about a possible person.
  •  Carolyn mentioned that there was not much time for PSU
  •  Gabriella Gabriela will talk with the developers
  •  Steve does not have anyone locally

    We want these people identified by mid to late December.

Nick will coordinate the scope of the documentation work is.  The QA work that may come out of the documentation will need to be coordinated with the tech coordinator.

Everyone should look at Gary's wireframes for next week's call.