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  • 2017-12-19 Meeting notes

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15minGithub labels/teams/issuesJenn/Steve/All
  • A few UI/UX tags are in use. Some notify advisors, some don't. Some tags are improperly deployed.
  • Some links to issues:
  • Steve: Difference between Nurax and Hyrax repos has to do with testing. Nurax is used for release testing, candidate code is uploaded to this domain. Reported issues and bugs are put into Nurax. This makes it clear which issues are for pending release, as opposed to general issues that folks place in Hyrax.
  • Nurax public demo:
  • Might be good to normalize labels across Hyrax/Nurax repos.
  • Two labels for accessibility: blocker and concern.
  • Might also be good to have more specific labels: still a constrained number, but more detail about types of UI/UX issues
  • This group might be a good one to propose new labels.
  • We also need a framework for assigning labels consistently.

Who are our users, and what are their goals? For image-based resources we have "photographers, catalogers, curators". What are roles/goals for users that are managing non-image-based resources (i.e., datasets, geo-resources, a/v)?

(Shaun will share some draft personas/roles from Figgy.)

  • What kind of interest is there in general community personas?
  • Might want to consider a full scope of workflows.
  • Sufia and Hydra-in-a-Box both defined personas.
  • HyBox personas were targeted at paper/document-based collections, but Hyku collapsed these distinctions in order to incorporate image-based.
  • Dave M. has talked about doing user research for the new version of Oregon Digital. Might be good to coordinate this with UXIG.
  • For Figgy, they need to determine whether the UI will be able to accomodate non-image materials, or if it will need a separate UI.
  • Regardless of transferability, knowing the process for creating them would also be helpful.
  • We should touch base with Hannah F. on HyBox personas, perhaps getting them into a format that's easier to manipulate.
15minPattern/template library for re-usable UI components. A 'go to' repository of code templates. Say if one were to create a new "cancel" button, or a modal window, or a text input, they could reference this shared repository for starter markup.Adam/All
  • Our community could maintain a pattern library as a Github repository.
  • Adam might set up a skeleton / MVP example and share it with stakeholders. Could result in a style guide effort.
  • There has been some interest in this from the community, based on roadmap discussions.
  • Would this make sense as a working group, or within UXIG?
    • Defined deliverable might mean this would work as a WG.
  • In some applications, Bootstrap is a styleguide and pattern library. Is this insufficient?
  • Concern: building and maintaining a pattern library is a pretty large task. We could start with some best practices for how to approach Bootstrap from a Samvera perspective.
5minInterest in organizing working group for usability testingAdam/All
  • Might try to spin up a new version of DURT (Distributed Usabiltiy Research Team) in a working group format, would help define specific studies and timelines.
  • Last round was on Sufia deposit process. Would be good to do this on a Hyrax release, especially with Collection Extensions coming.
  • Lesson learned: be less formal in reporting findings and aim for faster turnaround.
  • Testing should be focused on current community focus (make sure issues are tagged around milestones for upcoming releases)
  • Potential to group UI/UX outcomes and improvements with the accessibility audit that's in the pipeline
    • However, doing simultaneous work could also jeopardize the outcomes
5minUI changes in upcoming Hyrax releaseSteve
  • Much of the work designed for HyBox / Hyku is being pushed over to and surfaced in Hyrax. Aaron and Justin at Stanford are working on this.
  • Show page for a work (presently in Nurax) looks better.
  • Homepage will also be changing, in accordance with Gary Geisler's work.
  • SiSignificant UI changes should be documented (with screenshots) for each release.

Action items

  •  All: Start a list of proposed Github labels for UI/UX issues
  •  All: Share/collect local personas / user profiles
  •  Adam Joseph Arling: Start defining a pattern library or style guide effort
  •  All: Start thinking about a new round of DURT testing