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  • 2018-01-09 Meeting Agenda and Notes

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Lynette - ask "this is why we feel we want 4 layers of indentation" we want to hear his opinion of why or why not to do that

Bess - we're good for sending this guy an email.  I recommend we not follow up with steering until we hear back from him.  I'm ins teering, anyway, so I'll let them know we're moving on this and asking for a small consultation, give a small proposal.  Then maybe come back for a larger ask.

Jen - not much time yet to do the interviews.  People run into real time pressure problems.  New year, not right before holidays.  Worthwile to do another proposal like a Skype interview to get the info for documentation.

LaRite - ask the preferred method fo rinfo sharing.  Type it out?  Skype?  I would liek to type, but everyone has their own method.  Depends on preferred method.

Jen - so, I don't.  Reach out to Adam, trye,e sme, GIrarlo, Justin... a good size of people of that calibre that can either answer an email or who can give an hour in teh next two weeks.  I can follow up with Giarlo.

All:  okay.

Jen - okay, I'll follow up with him, something in next two weeks, despite your constraints, let me know if you can do an email in next two weeks or if you want to do a different format.

Bess:  sounds good.  Give people options!  One of the options I'd like to offer - a phoen call interview other person is going to edit.  I'd be willing to do as interviewer or interviewee.

Drew:  Groupthink on my letter - have to share mys creen.

Bess - your letter is good.  We want to prompt him for a conversation with us.

Lynette - versioning 

LaRita - the verisioning is showing in teh left menu, we want it to not show in left menu

Jen - we'd really like to talk with you, we have some needs - put at top of letter

Bess - make clear we're going to pay him "Are you availble for a paid, hourly consultation and how we might approach these issues?"

Jen- we're an open source community - etc... all going in letter at this point (we're wordsmithing here)