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Is there a document listing current Hyrax personas? Or are the personas documented in enough to run with?

  Style guide effort update Adam Joseph ArlingThoughts:
  • To begin, run with Bootstrap as it's familiar, in place and can be customized?
  • Bootstrap4 upgrade? Can we build a styled theme on "4", or is Hyrax waiting on something to upgrade?
  • Has Hyrax ever had design attention or work? Where did the green logo come from? Is there a color scheme? A Hyrax "font face"? Can we just use Samvera colors/fonts/styles ( to start if not?


  • - A good resource showcasing many organization's pattern / style libraries and guides.
  • Something relatively simple, like I think is a good place to start. Specifically the sections "Typography", "Form Elements", "Feedback", "Dialog".

    We could set Bootstrap variables (ie. define a custom font face, buttons are squared instead of rounded, primary color is green, alert messages have a certain background color(s), etc.) which would generate our own "style guide".

Actions - Style Guide:

  • Start work on a simple document/web site, defining and presenting the above. Could this be a github repo?
  • Start a branch from Hyrax `master` which addresses:
    • How CSS is brought into the application
    • Set Bootstrap variables before compilation
    • Clean up current CSS. Remove unused styles. Consolidate and organize the SASS.

Actions - Pattern Library:

  • Start a Gitbub repository of common elements in Hyrax, and craft examples of their proper usage.