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  • 2018-01-12 Samvera Governance WG Agenda and Notes

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Due date for the small group work, Jan. 25 19 (Thursday, midday)

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Carolyn:  Thank you for joining us.  1/2 hour meeting.  Let's confirm that we can be done by January 25th so we can confirm wwe can meet on the 26th.  

Mark:  I'd like to make an amended proposal.  The 19th was a date because of an in-person meeting in Palo Alto on the 22nd.  

Simeon:  If this is history - don't Steering know that?

Mark:  In our interest to put regular things in front of them and encourage reaction.  Steering doesn't know how to engage, but to your point, they are all steering and we can push them to be clearer rather than Mark's POV

Carolyn:  We could ask to get it done.  

Mark:  This could be all sizes and shapes - so in a week - basically today and some interaction today - maybe next week, figure out what we need to get them.