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  1. Open Repositories 2018 proposal
  2. Finalizing the Specification
    1. Specification compliance test suite

    2. Two or more implementations of the specification

    3. No unresolved, outstanding critical issues, as defined by the specification editors

      1. What is a realistic timeline?
  3. Leftover Candidate issue
    1. issue-261 - All done? We announced, linked etc. Suggest close.
  4. Open Recommendation issues

    1. issue-317Clarify LDPNR creation via PUT (PR-318, needs review from Daniel Lamb, Benjamin Armintor) ...should be good to go

    2. issue-260Define Prefer header URI for compact collection representation (PR-285) ...pending discussion?
    3. issue-172Clarify algorithm for finding authorizations

    4. issue-211 Clarify responses to external content requests with expiration date
    5. issue-280 Numbering scheme?
  5. Open No Milestone issues