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  1. Action: Create wiki page for implementations (including results of running against the TCK)

  2. Pull requests

    1. pr-318 - Say LDP-RS must be created with LDP-NR on PUT (awaiting input from Benjamin Armintor)
    2. pr-285 - define fcrepo:PreferCompactLists IRI for Prefer header values ("more time needed"... until what?)
  3. Plan for addressing open Recommendation issues

    1. issue-317 - Clarify LDPNR creation via PUT (PR-318, needs review from Benjamin Armintor) ...should be good to go

    2. issue-314 - Add Ben Pennel to Contributors editorial - needs a PR-322
    3. issue-313 - Editorial: reorder sub-sections in section 5. Resource Authorization - needs a PR but need to merge PR-320 and PR-321 first
    4. issue-312 - Clarify many links rather than many link headers - PR-321
    5. issue-311 - Clarify Location support on LDPCv POST - needs a PR
    6. issue-310 - 4.3.3 Not describing Accept-Post - needs a PR
    7. issue-309 - Clarify HTTP PUT requirements around types, subtypes, and interaction models - needs a PR
    8. issue-308 - Clarify expectations around external body content and Accept-Post response header - needs a PR
    9. issue-280 - Numbering scheme? - should be released as 1.0.0
    10. issue-172 - Clarify algorithm for finding authorizations - PR-320

  4. Open No Milestone issues