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  1. Editors / Implementers meeting: Thursday, Feb 22nd @1pm ET

    1. Esmé Cowles will not be able to make it, Simeon Warner will be UK and will try to make it but no guarantees, others should be able to
    2. What do we want to get out of this meeting?
      1. Better community understanding of issues by answering questions, from which we might get clues about things in the spec that aren't clear
      2. Keep focus within the scope of the effort, start with framing of scope/charter/goals and desire to help implementers understand spec (not a forum to reopen issues, that should happen on github)
      3. Want to make timelines clear, hope to land spec in April and would like to help implementers make the same timeline
  2. Compatibility test suite usage updates?
    1. Simeon had some discussion with Jorge about running against trilpy, many failures however
    2. Esme did try it a couple of weeks ago
    3. We should all try to interact on the public fedora-api-test-suite channel
  3. Pull requests:

    1. pr-329 - Editorial change: Reordering of Authorization subsections (needs review from all)
      1. No changes, just reordering
      2. Needs review from Daniel Lamb and Benjamin Armintor
    2. pr-325 - Making location headers a MUST in post responses for ldpcv's (needs discussion)
      1. Agreement to keep just first sentence about POST being optional in this situation
      2. Done...
    3. pr-326 - Loosening requirements on rel=type link headers for PUT when type is (awaiting response from Daniel Lamb)
      1. Agreement that support for changing types is MAY (and not MUST), and that SHOULD for the sub-class issue
      2. Agreement on "Impementations MAY allow the interaction model to be changed by specification of a new LDP type in a Link header. If supported, requests SHOULD be rejected unless the new LDP type specified is a sub-type the current type."
  4. Plan for addressing open Recommendation issues

    1. All assigned
    2. #310 - Accept-Post reference incorrect
      1. Simeon Warner will take a stab at this
    3. #308 - Requiring Accept-Post on OPTIONS, recommending for GET/HEAD - resolved-needs-PR
    4. #280 - Versioning scheme of spec - resolved-needs-PR
      1. Agreement that we put version number in the title, will keep dating for URIs. Andrew Woods will create a release checklist issue and add this item, then we can close #280
  5. Open No Milestone issues
    1. #315 - Does versioning containers violate the single-containment principle?
    2. #316 - Recursive delete and constraints/messaging - 3 weeks since last comment
    – did not get to this
  6. Daniel Lamb to create agenda for next week

Action Items

  •  ACTION (Daniel Lamb): To create PR: non-norm: LDPCv is both a timemap and a container, but does not allow POST