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  • 2018-03-06 Meeting Agenda and Notes

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  1. Roll call (please log in above)
  2. Review project board:
    1. Reporting on items completed since last meeting
      1. Github issue to refactor feature teststests – tracking this work on the wiki in the documentation group page
      3. Andrew Myers is refactoring how versions are tracked in our jekyll site
        1. de-couple version names from git branch names
        2. remove "version" block from page header in favor of simplified approach
        3. To create new versions: instead of having a directory for each version, use a naming convention: ""
    2. Review status of in-process tickets
    3. Discuss ready items & groom backlog
      1. Any new items needed?
      2. What should be moved to ready?
  3. Other agenda:
    1. (add your items here)
    2. Ruth K Tillman - metadata working group
      1. Julie HardestyRuth K Tillman and others in the metadata working group are trying to improve onboarding for new members of the community. How to get people to write docs and what format?
      2. What formats might make sense?
      3. Necessary to discuss predicates, mappings to other systems (e.g., DPLA), what belongs in a metadata field 
      4. Maybe they could piggyback on what we've done already with
      5. Ruth is going to go talk to Julie and figure out what next steps to take
  4. Pick facilitator / notetaker for next time
    1. Notetaker is responsible to copy template agenda into a new agenda for next meeting and add any followup items immediately.