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  • 2018-04-26 DuraCloud Contributor Call

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Call Details


  • Andrea Bollini
  • Bill Branan
  • Courtney Mumma
  • Danny Bernstein
  • Erin Tripp
  • Heather Greer Klein 
  • Nick Woodward
  • (your name here)


  1. Introductions 
    1. Name, Organization, Role
    2. Involvement with DuraCloud
    3. Reason for attending this call
  2. Current DuraCloud status and direction
    1. Roadmap
  3. Planned activities
    1. Mozilla Global Sprint
      1. DuraCloud Global Sprint - getting started
  4. Setting a meeting schedule
  5. Topics for upcoming meetings (feel free to bring a list!)


  • Introductions - first contributor call
    • Bill Branan, Services Technical Director, focused on DuraCloud, working on it since 2009 when it was called DuraSpace. Name was taken for the organization. At the time it was to meet the needs of the Fedora community for digital preservation, and making cloud storage available. A lot has changed but the focus is similar, making sure it is available at a reasonable price. Put call together because there is a lot of interest in DuraCloud for TDL and 4Science. Customers want to see improvements, and we can work together to that end.
    • Heather Greer Klein, Services Coordinator for DuraSpace
    • Nick Woodward, Sr. Software Engineer at TDL. A few years of experience on the operations side of DuraCloud. In charge of maintaining for TDL. Has looked at GitHub and kept track of JIRA issues and where the development is going. Would like to do a sprint for DuraCloud but an individual issues approach and making time would be better. Have local development environment for testing at TDL.
    • Courtney Mumma, Services Manager for digital preservation. DuraCloud is entry point into preservation. Wants community to grow, and groups of users can give productive feedback and development can continue.
    • Andrea Bolini, 4Science. Just started DuraCloud Europe. Looking forward to first customer. Focus on storage in Europe. Contributed to make sure it will run in any region. Now working on extending types of supported providers. Looking at providers that support S3 API. Looking to have that in place in May, to allow for Amazon and other secondary non-Amazon provider options. Also want to have Amazon as a secondary provider. Want to be able to specify buckets in multiple regions. As a provider interested in integrations and other features. Could be combined with other software. Historically work with DSpace but also working with open journal systems, others, and intgration would be helpful. 
    • Erin Tripp, Business Development Manager. Talking to people who are interested in implementing DuraCloud. Did lightning talk at PASIG, and have leads. Others interested in deploying in other regions, and institutions who would like to run it locally. Think that DuraCLoud is pretty teriffic and a great way to get started with preservation. Hard to justify cost of preservation, DuraCloud is helpful. This is why we applied to the Mozilla Leadership Training. DuraCloud is the only software at DuraSpace without a community, very exciting about building it. Mozilla lit a fire and are very excited, supportive of the project.
  • Overview of the roadmap, see link:
    • Biggest piece is multpart upload. Available in AWS for a long time, but same capability was not in Open Stack. Could not support both. Reached point where Open Stack options were not compelling to DuraSpace customers. Removing support for Open Stack to be able to more easily support multpart upload. THat gets us the ability to transfer files into S3, and build files into singel files. Currently files are chunked, and in lives in DUraCLoud in chunks. Still would transfer as chunks, but could be stored as whole files. Addresses issue with incomplete files when there are file transfer errors, have to notify customers. Much easier to compare whole files instead of chunks to se what is in DuraCloud. Have added range-based gets.
    • Streaming capability is being updated, a customer has a significant streaming need and older Flash-based viewers not supported. Transitioning to HTTP live streaming. Likely to happen in July-August as part of work in coordination with the customer. 
    • In terms of community, this call is a starting point. Participating in the Mozilla gobal sprint. Want to work with this group to determine plan for how work gets done and how we make decisions as a community. We want to figure out methods by which to encourage more contributors. 
    • Created roadmap as part of Mozilla open leadership training, but should be a living document and should be influenced by conversations with this group. Just a jumping off point. Want to expose our thinking and give something for everyone to respond to. 
    • Question about media streaming: not much in the UI, a button to turn on streaming for a space. A bug makes the viewer not accessible as we would like, so that will be addressed in th work. In the case of TDL, not using DuraCloud for access, only preservation storage. Might be useful to disable this option for some service providers. Difficult to know what features are expected from DuraCloud or other layers. For DuraSpace this customer needed it and didn't want other solutions in the ecosystem. They are willing to cover some development costs. 
    • Search interface is missing, and is often requested. Have pushed back as it often shows up at a higher layer, but feature request continues to come up. Can continue to discuss in this group.
  • Planned activities:
    • Global sprint, see link above. Goal here as part of participation in open leaders is engagement from a wider audience. We don't know what to expect with participation, seems worth giving it a shot. Will focus internally ourselves those days on documentation updates. Definitely needs outside of development for documentation, marketing, exposure. Experimenting with gitter for communication, experimenting with it as part of the global sprint. More accessible than Slack. Please take a look and we will think about what it can do for the project. Will have Zoom room meetings throughout the global sprint days to help anyone working on contributions, help build community. Erin will be adding a schedule for these today. Will be a good activity for collaboration. Please take a look at the issues and feel free to add any that you think are missing and would be good options for a two day sprint.
    • Development tools being used by DSpace community could also be useful for DuraCloud, and a walkthough of development environments. The global sprint is so short, we are focusing on non-development tasks for this sprint. Happy to have development environment as a topic for an upcoming contributor call. Being careful not to divert attention from the DSpace sprint. If the global sprint goes well we might want to take part in other larger sprints. 
  • Setting next calls:
    • Would a monthly or biweekly call work well for this group? Monthly would be easiest. Next call can discuss the results of the global sprint. A monthly Tuesday at 11 am EST would work well for this group.
  • Topics for future calls:
    • Secondary providers
    • Results of global sprint
    • Requests for search capability
    • Development priorities generally
    • Operations problems, emerging issues
    • TDL experience with implementation