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  • 2018-05-01 Program Committee

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  1. Welcome
  2. Volunteer for note taker _______ ? facilitator Andrew Rouner
  3. Additions/changes to agenda?
  4. Scheduling future meetings
    1. Change next meeting (scheduled for June 5) to not conflict with Open Repositories (June 4-7, 2018)
      1. New date for June meeting:
    2. Dates for additional meeting frequency (starting July) as we near the Connect
      1. Additional dates for July +
    3. Committee members known time-off or missing for future meetings (can write in after meeting)
  5. Review/confirm conference schedule by days: additions or corrections?
    1. Monday - partner meeting
    2. Tuesday - workshops
    3. Wednesday - Main Conference Day 1
    4. Thursday - Main Conference Day 2
    5. Friday - Unconference
  6. Facilities / Rooms available for conference - info provided by host committee
  7. Review communication timeline
    1. Andrew has/will update to adjust to target of earlier Connect
  8. Review and discuss workshop proposals:
    1. Carolyn Cole ( – Rails Testing Featuring RailsBridge  (half-day workshop)

    2. Nabeela Jaffer () – Managing Samvera-based Projects and Services
    3. Esmé Cowles () & Adam Wead () – Introduction to Valkyrie (half-day workshop)
    4. Chris Colvard () – Enhanced media playback in a Hyrax app using Avalon components (half-day workshop)
    5. Lynette Rayle -- Collection extensions workshop
    6. Rob Kaufman () – several possible workshops:
      • Keeping your Samvera application up to date ~ we'd talk through upgrade strategies, workflows, best practices and common pitfalls

      • Samvera as an API ~ discuss tools and capabilities for building external interfaces (React apps, mobile apps) that use Samvera as an API and data source
      • Rails Features ~ 5.2 is almost out, and 5.3 or 6 preview will be out by the time the conference comes around (this is similar, but updated from out 2017 workshop)
      • Real world TDD ~ A look at test driven development with Rspec, with an eye toward the balance between best practices and what is really practical
  9. Soliciting and commissioning content (see Suggestions for Samvera Connect 2017 Program)
  10. Review tools and processes for planning–who is familiar with and/or has admin access to these?
    1. Waffle board for organization and tracking of sessions and speakers
    2.  Google drive
      1. Chris volunteered to clean up?
      2. Link: program planning and structure of past Connect conferences
    3. Sessionizer for timetabling unconference sessions
      2. Script run (originally created by Peter Binkley) to scrape wiki and put into GitHub repo (above)
      3. Aaron Collier will check with Justin Coyne and Erin Fahy about sessionizer use and scripts.
    4. Slack channel?
  11. Review of past Connects
    1. Useful documents from last year
    2. program planning and structure of past Connect conferences
    3. Feedback from past Connects (documents in Drive) - Q&A
  12. Next steps
    1. Solicit proposals for panels
    2. What else needs to be done next?