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  • Samvera Partner Call - April 13, 2018

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  1. Update on Samvera Connect 2018: Andrew Rouner
    Andrew is heading up the program committee, there are 10 folks in the program committee. Solid mix of new folks and experienced folks. Workshop proposals seemed to be the most pressing need, so far 2 proposals. Those proposals will likely be self-selecting as it has been in the past. Meeting again soon and will be getting back to people on the workshop proposals. The target is to have everything in place by OR in early June and they are well on track to hit that date. They are looking to provide lunch on multiple days to attendees so they don’t need to go out for lunch. Also looking at how scholarships will be arranged.

  2. Update on Samvera Virtual Connect 2018: Chrissy Rissmeyer/Nabeela Jaffer

    Chrissy and Nabella are co-chairing the planning group, they have 8 members on the planning group. Good mix of new and previous members. Looking for feedback (particularly from non-US to make sure they aren’t on holidays they may be missing, Richard looked quickly and saw no problems with these dates from a UK perspective) members to make on potential dates and 
    Tuesday July 10 - Thursday July 12
    Tuesday July 17  - Thursday July 19

    8am 11am ET - 2pm ET time frame for folks. Really hard to find a universal time for folks, but this is the most acceptable it seems.

    Call for proposals will be going out soon (likely next week). They are hoping that all proposals can be an open call. Keep an eye out for an announcement to put forth proposal or topic for discussion. They may do multiple tracks, virtual connect is very well attended because it is more accessible to a wider variety of participants which may require varying levels of proposals, but there is no decision on that yet. First seeing what proposals come in.

    Used Zoom webinar last year and likely to use that again this year because experience was positive. 

  3. Fulcrum update: Jeremy Morse 
    1. Enhancements to Cozy Sun Bear e-reader:

    Just completed 3 year Mellon grant to building the platform, link in agenda to check this out. In addition to Hyrax repo functions, now we can designate an e-pub file as a representative file for the work. Cozy Sun Bear [], JavaScript e-pub widget, allows reading the book on the platform. You can read book and see 3D content side by side. Built this to be flexible so they would love others to look at this and let them know their experience. 

    They were awarded a second grant, starting 4/1, for 
    -sustainability on services that would be hosted on the platform (get critical mass of content on platform and work at scale and with others). 
    -preservation, exporting tools from Fedora to DPN so its applicable to other Samvera and Fedora community members
    -accessibility, working with Michigan State on this to do some usability tests on assistive technology. Not as far along as they hoped, but really good and useful feedback. They will do more testing on the result of this grant.

  4. Hyrax Working Group Call for Participation: Mark Bussey (on behalf of Carolyn Caizzi) - 
    They are looking for 1-2 more developers for this team, please get in touch with Carolyn in the next week.
    1. See e-mail to groups:
    2. Draft Charter:
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