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Title: RoadMap  
Author: Tim Donohue May 08, 2015
Last Changed by: Tim Donohue Nov 14, 2018
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DSpace (37)
    Page: DevMtg 2015-05-27
    Page: DevMtg 2015-09-30
    Page: DevMtg 2015-10-07
    Page: DSpace Release 7.0 Status
    Page: DevMtg 2015-09-09
    Page: DevMtg 2015-05-13
    Page: DevMtg 2015-09-23
    Page: Product Planning Process
    Page: Project Governance
    Page: DSpace Release 8.0 Status
    Page: DevMtg 2015-06-24
    Page: DevMtg 2015-09-16
    Page: DevMtg 2015-11-11
    Page: Release Procedure
    Page: DevMtg 2015-06-08 - OR15 Meeting
    Page: DevMtg 2015-07-29
    Page: Brainstorms on a Future UI
    Page: DevMtg 2015-07-01
    Page: DevMtg 2015-07-08
    Page: DevMtg 2015-07-22
    Page: TechnicalFAQ
    Page: DSpace Release 6.0 Status
    Page: DevMtg 2015-10-14
    Page: DevMtg 2015-06-03
    Page: Prototyping a Future UI
    Page: Strategic Planning
    Page: 2018-11-29 DSpace 7 Working Group Meeting
    Page: DSpace Committers
    Page: DevMtg 2015-08-12
    Page: DevMtg 2015-08-19
    Page: DevMtg 2015-08-05
    Page: DevMtg 2015-07-15
    Page: DSpace Service based api
    Page: DevMtg 2015-08-26
    Page: Project Teams
    Page: DevMtg 2015-05-20
    Page: DSpace 7 UI Project Plain Language Summary
DSpace Fedora Collaboration (3)
    Home page: DSpace - Fedora Commons Collaboration
    Page: RoadMap
    Page: DSpace-Fedora Integration FAQ
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DSpace 6.x Documentation (2)     Page: REST API
    Page: Release Notes
DSpace 5.x Documentation (7)     Page: Item Level Versioning
    Page: Configurable Workflow
    Page: Search Engine Optimization
    Page: Elasticsearch Usage Statistics
    Page: SOLR Statistics
    Page: Linked (Open) Data
    Page: Functional Overview
DSpace (53)     Page: Releases
    Page: Integrations - integrating with third party document streaming services
    Page: Admin UI - Basic Preservation - Format validation
    Page: DSpace Steering & Leadership Group Meetings
    Page: Admin UI - Advanced Preservation - Format characterization
    Page: Use Case Analysis
    Page: Integrations - Authentication through Multiple Mechanisms
    Page: Structure - Community and Collection hierarchy (or generic containers)
    Page: Admin UI - Format reporting
    Page: Admin UI - Basic Preservation - Format identification
    Page: End User - Streaming Video Content
    Page: Integrations - Support external authorities (ORCID) in Authority Cache
    Page: Integrations - Persistent Identifiers other than Handles (DOI)
    Page: Integrations - Linking to other data sources search for available data
    Page: DSpace 2015-18 Strategic Plan - Technology
    Page: Structure - Relationships between objects
    Page: Mailing Lists
    Page: Admin UI - Advanced Preservation - Format Migration
    Page: Integrations - Streaming Image Server
    Page: End User - Email Deposit of bitstream for automatically captured metadata
    Page: End User - Easy and Intuitive Deposit Interface
    Page: DSpace Release 7.0 Status
    Page: DSpace Working Groups
    Page: Structure - Support for derivative objects
    Page: DSpace UI Prototype Challenge
    Page: Design - Single UI Project
    Page: Design - Module Framework and Registry
    Page: End User - Image file display (pan, zoom, size options)
    Page: Integrations - Integrations that increase the exposure of content stored into DSpace in external systems
    Page: Integrations - Search Engine Optimization
    Page: Slack
    Page: Integrations - Handle System Identifiers
    Page: How to Contribute to DSpace
    Page: Structure - Apply licenses to bitstreams
    Page: DSpace 7 Working Group
    Page: Integrations - Use of multiple sorts of Direct Object Identifiers
    Page: Integrations - Importing data from discipline-specific systems into DSpace
    Page: Structure - purpose of bundle layer
    Page: Design - Simplify Community and Collection Hierarchy
    Page: DSpace Interest Groups
    Page: Strategic Planning
    Page: Integrations - Integrations that significantly lower the effort to fill DSpace with content, both from in house systems and third party content
    Page: Code Contribution Guidelines
    Page: End User - Visitor can play media hosted on an external streaming media server
    Page: Admin UI - Basic Preservation - Fixity Checking
    Page: Integrations - Support for external identifiers (ORCID) in the CSV Batch edit
    Page: Installer Prototype
    Page: Design - Lower effort to deposit
    Page: Structure - Describe Individual Bitstream within an Item
    Page: Integrations - Personal Identifiers (ORCID)
    Page: Integrations - Linking to repository content through a learning management system
    Page: DSpace 7 Entities Working Group
    Page: DSpace 7 UI Project Plain Language Summary