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Time:12:00PM PDT/03:00PM EDT - 01:00PM PDT/04:00PM EDT





  • Should we color the issues on the board?
    • Not necessary to add any more labels to issues on the board
    • Labels are per repository..."ready" label is different across respositories
    • Importantly, not "ready" for "maintenance", but for other repositories
    • Try and pick colors for those three "maintenance" labels
      • Johnson: Shall align the colors for the labels maintenance, maintenance-ready, maintenance-in-progress
  • Deprecation E-mails
    • om, jetty-wrapper, and hydra-jetty sent
    • Sufia and CurationConcerns have not been sent
      • Further refinement for the draft will be addressed
  • Scheduling the Next Sprint
    • Doodle Poll was submitted
    • Please respond before the start of next week
    • Johnson: Since last week's meeting, it seems very likely that the Hyrax WG will run sprints 6 months, July 9th, two weeks on, two weeks off
      • 97% certain that July 9th is the starting date, everything else is confirmed
    • Expectation for the sprint weeks
      • Same time across time zones?
      • Amount of effort?
      • Coordination/communication?
      • Pendragon
        • 100% participation in the week
        • 50% minimum
        • Daily checkin
        • Retrospective at the end
        • Sprints only last one week
      • Johnson
        • Sprint planning/backlog grooming?
      • Pendragon
        • Hoping to begin addressing some of that today
      • Johnson
        • How should we address communicating with product owners
      • Pendragon
        • That is yet to be determined
        • Unlikely that we're going to be focusing upon a single Gem at a time
    • For these cleanup issues
      • Should probably pick a number of issues from a number of repositories
      • Move to "ready", notify the product owners of the upcoming work
      • Should have some sort of communication with all of the product owners
        • Provide them with guidance regarding labeling for issues
      • Send to product owners directly?
        • Pendragon was going to tag them all in
      • Instead, samvera-tech, and CC'ing members of the product owners list
        • Better than a private e-mail
        • Pendragon will send that e-mail
    • We don't have a "groomed" column
      • Do we want one?
      • Should have a column which represents that we looked at it
      • Johnson doesn't object to the existing names
        • Has had challenges where new issues come in at the top, problematic if an existing order was in place
    • Rails releases
      • When a new Rails release is supported, this WG has the responsibility of ensuring that Samvera Gems also support this new release
      • This should be documented somewhere, or at least reported out to Samvera Partners
        • Could add it to the charter for this WG, or could add it to the requirements to be promoted from samvera-labs
        • Pendragon: Adding it to the charter for the WG has the lowest impact
        • Armintor: When reporting out during the Partners Meeting in Fall, it should be noted that the CCMWG involved some maintenance tasks requiring the tracking of Rails releases (ensuring that the CI has this addressed)
        • Johnson: There are similar cases with tracking Ruby releases
    • Issues
      • Standardized contact information is beneficial for Gems
      • Template for contacting the CCMWG
      • Select all of the kind of issues simultaneously, or select all of the issues for the same project?
        • It seems valuable for checking projects off of the list?
      • Scheduling for the first sprint
        • hydra-pcdm and active_fedora
        • Added ldp
    • First Sprint
      • Should announce to the community that the sprint is being undertaken before the work is addressed
      • Invite those outside of the WG to contribute
  • Meeting adjourned at 15:46 EDT
  • No labels