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Year 1 - July 2018 though June 2019

DCMI (Portugal)Jason (not on LD4P2 funds)

Sep 10-13, 2018

Modeling and application profiles in the Art and Rare Materials BIBFRAME Ontology Extension. Jason Kovari, Melanie Wacker, Huda Khan, Steven Folsom
ISWC 2018(Monterey, CA, USA)---Oct 8-12, 2018---
Partner and Cohort Meeting#1: October 15-16, Library of CongressDean, Lynette, Huda, Steven, Tim, Jason, SimeonOct 15-16Various
SWIB18 (Bonn, Germany)Steven, Huda, Simeon

Nov 26-28, 2018

Workshop: Introduction to Linked Open Data
Christina Marie Harlow / Simeon Warner / Camille Villa

Capturing cataloger expectations in an RDF editor: SHACL, lookups and VitroLib
Steven Folsom / Huda Khan / Lynette Rayle / Jason Kovari / Rebecca Younes / Simeon Warner

WikiCite 2018 (CA)JasonNov 27-29, 2018
CNI Fall 2018 (DC)Dean (not on LD4P2 funds)

Dec 10-11, 2018

US2TS (Duke)SimeonMar 11-12, 2019

CNI Spring 2018 (St Louis, MO)Simeon (not on LD4P2 funds)Apr 8-9, 2019
LD4 Conf (Boston, MA)Jason, Huda, Lynette, Steven, SimeonMay 10/11, 2019
ALA (DC)Jason (not on LD4P2 funds), Lynette (Sunday only)Jun 20-23 2019
LD4P2 project meeting (DC)Jason, Steven, Lynette, HudaJun 25, 26, 2019After ALA
Blacklight LD Working Meeting @ StanfordHuda, Tim ?Summer or Fall
DCMI in SeoulJason (not on LD4P2 funds), ?? something LD4P2Sep 23-26, 2019

Jason to propose LD4P contribution

IP Discovery Days & Community Blacklight Summit @ DukeHuda, Tim? LTS?October ??May not be co-located
Samvera Connect Lynette, Simeon (probably not on LD4P2 funds) Oct 21-26, 2019Lynette will present QA, Simeon partner meeting at least
SWIB19Lynette ??Nov 2019 (Thanksgiving)Discogs/QA/Sinopia/Cataloging story
European BF summitJasonSept 18-19, StockholmJason to propose talk about rare materials and ARM extension, connections QA & Sinopia work
LODLAMSteven (??)Feb 2020
US2TS??Spring 2020
LD4 ConferenceallSpring 2020
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