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  • Samvera Connect 2018 - SIGAHR Breakout Session
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steve van tuyl


  • How much do we really hate the acronym?
    • Discussion about acronym
    • Poll might be sent out regarding renaming
    • Discussion about making community aware that SIGAHR is open
  • Current status of the roadmap

    • What is done

      • Review via roadmap link above

    • What is in progress

      • Review via roadmap link above

        • Bulk import/export

        • Accessibility

        • Bugfixes/maintenance

        • Valkyrie 

      • How do we include/add smaller features to roadmap? 

        • Improve communication & process for small features

          • Look at Milestones & Backlog
          • Voting on Github Issues can be used to "weight" or prioritize features
        • Smaller features can maybe be delivered separately from roadmap
        • Discussion: Samvera needs more resources from community to add these features/work from roadmap 
          • Recharter working group
          • Address roadmap list & stability 
          • Timeline difficult to make but hopefully by next Samvera Connect
          • Assign estimates on how many resources required to add feature (not feature branches but delivering continuously via sprints)
        • Discussion around prioritization of features

          • SIGAHR democratizes leadership as well as decision-making around priorities

            • Community gets involved in SIGAHR

            • Discussion around having community members vote on issues (plus 1)

              • Good habit 

              • Not just for tech actionable

              • Issue could be write up of needed feature

          • SIGAHR communicates those priorities that the community decides on

      • Review of Permissions (Group/Responsibility Management on Roadmap)

        • Working Group has laid groundwork for developing a technical spec 

        • Hyrax can do work that address existing needs while the Working Group develops larger technical spec

          • Reasonable to make the improvements we know how to make 

          • What is the minimum changeset to address problems (maybe led by Avalon)? 

            • Make issues for smaller chunks if possible

    • What may fall off

      • Depending on Resources, low-priority items will be removed from the roadmap

        • Community needs to contribute resources (dev, time, money, etc.) 

  • Avalon Update and Alignment

    • IIIF

    • Batch

  • Future Roadmap

    • Timing

      • revisit roadmap & timeline at each SIGAHR meeting

      • current roadmap will not be presented at next Samvera Connect 

    • Focus

        • Current roadmap is the first roadmap we have had
        • Once current roadmap complete:
          • Push pause on new feature add
            • Doesn't mean new features won't be added
            • This is a time and feature horizon 
          • Polish/clean up Hyrax
            • Goal: make it easier for users to maintain & extend
            • Example: Citation generation cleanup/polish
          • Focus on stability of core Hyrax functionality 
  • Future of Input (fallout from the usage survey)
    • Only 19 responses this year; previously had 47
    • Discussion around how we get usage/feedback 
      • Find a way to gather information and share that with the community
        • Example: Valkyrie...don't even know what members want/need on this front
        • Include Feedback/Survey as part of registration for Samvera connecct
        • Include Github API for baseline stats
        • Include contact with institutions/members 
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