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Dear Friends,

In October DuraSpace's work across the scholarly ecosystem landscape included several notable highlights:

Thank you for supporting our work on these and other initiatives aimed at providing enduring access to the world’s digital heritage.

Warm regards,

Erin Tripp

Interim CEO

2018 Membership Campaign

We are in the final days of the active 2018-19 DuraSpace Membership Campaign and are within $53,000 of our goal! Here's where we are by project: 

Total: $1,087,773; 166 unique members ; 95% of goal 

    • DSpace: $299,524; 61 members ; 116% of goal / I would suggest to consider all the members, including the German ones that form the Consortium. I think the total should be around 86 members. On our website we're listing all of the German institutions because we consider them members. It's also a good message to the community, seeing that we moved from below 60 to over 85
    • Fedora: $508,167; 74 members; 89% of goal
    • VIVO: $179,083; 23 members; 86% of goal
    • General: $101,000; 21 members; 97% of goal

If you have questions about your membership, please contact Valorie Hollister <>.  

This week: A Members-Only Hot Topics Webinar

As a valued DuraSpace member we invite you to attend our upcoming members-only webinar, “Securing Community-Controlled Infrastructure: SPARC’s plan of action” on Wednesday, October 24, 2018 at 12:00 - 1:00 p.m. Eastern.

In a recently published article, "Securing community-controlled infrastructure," Heather Joseph, SPARC Executive Director, begins to address a common concern that was raised by the Open community in late 2017: “Everything we have gained by opening content and data will be under threat if we allow the enclosure of scholarly infrastructures.” This is a special opportunity to be among the first to hear from Heather on the results of the survey conducted and an update on what has been done to date to further explore this question.  Heather will also discuss the possible paths to an ecosystem that encourages community-controlled infrastructure and answer questions from the audience.  We invite you to register today!

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