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Call-in Information

Time: 11:00 am, Eastern Time (New York, GMT-05:00)

To join the online meeting:


Development Process


(star)  Indicating note-taker

  1. Huda Khan 
  2. Jim Blake 
  3. Kitio Fofack (star)
  4. Ralph O'Flinn
  5. Andrew Woods
  6. Tim Worrall
  7. Marc Chicoye
  8. Alex Viggio
  9. Don Elsborg 


  1. Review of agenda

    1. Any pressing issues?
  2. Project directions

    1. From Nov 7th VIVO Updates

      The Statement of Product Direction for 2019 will orient our development, grant, and event efforts, as well as shape work for architecture and development sprints.

      1. Modernize the presentation layer of VIVO

      2. Decouple the architecture

      3. VIVO Combine

      4. VIVO Search

    2. 2019 Architectural Fly-in

  3. December sprint - (Dec 3 - 7)

    1. One week
    2. Introductory
    3. ElasticSearch?
  4. Housekeeping

    1. Moving the Advanced Role Management feature forward

      1. VIVO-1436 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    2. Vagrant
      1. Updating to 1.10  (issue-41)
      2. Documenting startx (pr-38) - needs minor formatting clean-up
    3. Triple Pattern Fragments
      1. VIVO-1614 - Getting issue details... STATUS
      2. VIVO-1615 - Getting issue details... STATUS
      3. VIVO-1484 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    4. Themes
      1. VIVO-1543 - Getting issue details... STATUS
      2. VIVO-1616 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    5. Misc
      1. VIVO-1619 - Getting issue details... STATUS  - one remaining comment
      2. VIVO-1620 - Getting issue details... STATUS  - minor, need one more review
  5. In-Review

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    T Key Summary Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution Created Updated Due

  6. 1.10 

    1. bugs (1.10.1?)

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      T Key Summary Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution Created Updated Due

  7. VIVO-tech mailing list activity

    1. how to modify and deploy vitro


Draft notes in Google-Doc

  • Review of agenda

    • None

  • Project directions

    • Brief introduction and discussion

  • December sprint - (Dec 3 - 7)

    • Institutions present in the LG would like to have more implication in development

  • Housekeeping

    • Moving the Advanced Role Management feature forward

      • The team is called to help finish the PRs related to advance Role Management in case Graham does not have time to complete it.

    • Vagrant

      • Updating to 1.10  (issue-41)

        • Don might complete this issue by next week

    • Triple Pattern Fragments

      • VIVO-1614 - Make visibility of TPF server configurable Open

        • Don thinks the feature should be disabled by default

        • Jim thinks it should be open. The TPF do not allow same exposure as SPARQL End point.

        • Huda: what do we want to implement, we need to clarify

        • Ralph: VIVO is meant for sharing data and not hide them.

        • Kitio: we need some consistency between all API. If data are not open by default on a fresh install SPARQL End point then the user would be surprised to have them available on TPF.

        • Don & Huda: We have two issues

          • Default setting

          • Making it more configurable in visibility settings

        • Andrew : How to apply various authorisations on TPF request ?

        • Jim: Filters are applied to data when you request them on the SPARQL End Point, the same should be doable for TPF.

        • Alex: Has anyone got in touch with TPF community. Get some best practices that could help for implementing ACL on TPF?

    • Themes

      • VIVO-1543 - Top level page.ftl includes file that does not exist Open

        • Kitio to work on this ticket

  • Action:

    • Don: to make the differences between Vitro and VIVO properties files.


Previous Actions

  • Don Elsborg - add jira tickets for abox/tbox use cases - one ticket for each use case
  • Brian Lowe  - check with ontology group on handles
  • Alex Viggio will bring news of Elasticsearch instead of Solr up with Product Evolution.  
  • Benjamin Gross to create new Jira issue for additional errors thrown startup.
  • Don Elsborg - create Jira ticket for data property linking by default
  • Don Elsborg - discuss his data property linking pull request with the ontology group 

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