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Time:12:00PM PDT/03:00PM EDT - 01:00PM PDT/04:00PM EDT




  • ZenHub/HuBoard Review
  • Sprint Planning


  • ZenHub Review
    • Has some cool integration with the Chrome Extension
    • HuBoard and ZenHub are pretty equivalent in terms of functionality
  • Two factors which were noticed:
    • Chrome Extension and integration with GitHub Issues
      • Some concern over security and the interference when working with GitHub
  • Other aspect with ZenHub: A repository is attached to one board
    • Difficult to determine if there was some way around this
    • Example: With enough activity on active-fedora, this WG would need to detach their project from their board
    • This would be problematic given that there might be ongoing, concurrent work with other repositories


  • Better security posture
  • Better permissions management regarding what is requested from GitHub for the app.
  • Does support multiple repositories for any given board
  • ZenHub UI was slightly better in terms of experience
  • Does use labels to synchronize, but these are weird labels
  • Numbers at the beginning of labels are used to control the flow of the tickets
  • Have to be comfortable creating labels for the tickets on all of the projects which we have

Three Options

  1. Use HuBoard and accept the strange labels
    1. Pros
      1. One spot to see all of the issues
      2. Does not stop other parties from working on issues
    2. Cons
      1. Weird labels
  2. Use ZenHub
    1. When we due sprint planning, create mirror issues in the maintenance repository linking to the issues we wish to close
    2. Pros
      1. ZenHub has some better PR association functionality (supports blocking)
    3. Cons
      1. We need to create and maintain mirror issues
  3. Create a Github Project board in the Samvera Organization
    1. Should have access to the repositories we need to add
    2. Adding a repository alone still requires that one manually add tickets to columns
    3. Can request Product Owners to add issues to a Project
    4. Appeared that there was a 5 repository limit for a Project
    5. We might also avoid linking to repositories, and just populating the Projects with issues


  • We don't need to be concerned with this as a separate Organization
  • If we needed to promote a component, we could just create mirror issues
  • Or, we could simply maintain two separate boards

Testing Promotion

  • Should try and promote samvera-labs/maintenance to samvera
  • WG should add a license to this repository just for good measure
  • We will assert that this is an administrative repository, should express this to the community
  • Mark: Fine with writing up a justification asserting that the repository meets the promotion criteria
  • Noah: Part of our role here is to be sensitive to process issues
  • Tom: Adds an apache2 license to samvera-labs/maintenance

Project Management

  • Trey: In this case, GitHub Projects should be acceptable for this WG
  • Trey: Will migrate GitHub issues to a Projects
  • Do we want to preserve the custom columns?
    • Yes
  • We're going to need to associate repositories with issues, and scroll through search results for tickets
  • We can search in GitHub Projects for non-linked repositories
    • What is the purpose of linking a repository?
    • Automation: Creating a pull request which closes an issue in a linked project...does it automatically associate with that issue?
      • No, it does not
    • Also note that, without linking to the project, the issue does not show up
  • Pull requests do not get automatically linked when the comment specifies the issue it closes
    • It needs to be manually linked to pull requests
    • When pull requests are merged, we need to also manually close issues

Action Items:

  • Tom: Promote samvera-labs/maintenance
  • Mark: Link Repositories to the Maintenance GitHub Project
  • Trey: Migrate issues from Waffle to the GitHub Project

May 6th: Sprint Begins

Meeting adjourned at 12:39 PDT/15:39 EDT

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