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Time:12:00PM PDT/03:00PM EDT - 01:00PM PDT/04:00PM EDT





Sprint Review

  • CircleCI migration work is now complete
  • Need to find stable branches which didn't get released
  • Solr Conf. issues for active-fedora also need to be addressed

Solrizer Status

  • Does not have a Product Owner
  • We realized this when moving it to CircleCI and put out a call to the mailing list
  • How do we want to proceed?
  • Everything that we need for Solr field name generation should now just be in active-fedora
  • Mark might take on this Gem with the hope of providing some final documentation and then deprecating it
  • It was already removed from hydra-works
  • If nobody volunteers to serve as the Product Owner, it needs to be deprecated
  • We need to create tickets for removing it entirely from active-fedora and providing some documentation
  • We still need the functionality, and it remains in active-fedora - Mark could chaperone this if it is needed
  • Created an issue in the "maintenance" repository for deprecating Solrizer (#19:
  • Leave the Product Owner in place for now, and then have the Component Maintenance WG communicate that we are deprecating it

Call for Issues + Communicate with Product Owners

  • Calling for issues which you need help with
  • Add it to the maintenance Project Board
  • Also, an e-mail to Samvera Tech: if you have PR which needs to be reviewed, add it to our board, and we can review it on Friday
  • We should open the WG to look at whichever PRs are added to the Board
  • This is first experimental, but hopefully, this will be sustainable

Samvera Partners Meeting Discussion

  • Are there any outstanding discussion points following the meeting?
  • Everything was fairly well received
  • More resourcing would be helpful, but this was also voiced by those involved in maintaining Hyrax
  • All were pleased to know that there was some Working Group addressing the maintenance work
  • If we want more assistance, there might be some planning or thought for recruitment or onboarding for community developers
  • Maybe some time in the of our requirements for a core components is that a member of the WG should care about the component
  • Deprecating Gems within this WG which required larger community investment should be scoped out and discussed in terms of requirements
  • It would be desired to have our input into active-fedora with regards to supporting Fedora 5 and the OCFL
  • Roadmap Council: Having a discussion everything six months...should anything fall out of support, we are the party which would hopefully surface this
  • Ruby on Rails version support is being addressed
  • Fedora 5 question is an interesting one, the expectation was that the Product Owner might play a role in discussing the support
  • If this WG is expected to play more of an active role in facilitating in these discussions, it might raise issues with regards to support for certain legacy Gems (e. g. Fedora 3 for Rubydora)
  • FITS version support within hydra-file_characterization would be an example of the role of Product Owners
  • Hopefully more of these discussions with emerge after Product Owners are contacted before the next scheduled meeting

Meeting was adjourned at 12:29PDT/15:26 EDT

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