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Call-in Information


(star)  Indicating note-taker

  1. Graham Triggs
  2. Mike Conlon
  3. Brian Lowe
  4. Benjamin Gross
  5. Tim Worrall
  6. John Fereira
  7. Muhammad Javed
  8. Huda Khan
  9. Ralph O'Flinn
  10. Andrew Woods


  1. Can folks spin up vivo-docker2?

  2. Reflections on CINECA UI demonstration?
  3. Finalizing / merging: 
    1. Design - External Search
    2. VIVO-1692 - Getting issue details... STATUS  (DuraSpace CheckStyle)
    3. VIVO-1687 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    4. VIVO-1682 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    5. VIVO-1680 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    6. VIVO-1679 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    7. VIVO-1670 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    8. VIVO-1652 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    9. VIVO-1612 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    10. VIVO-1415 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    11. VIVO-1287 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  4. VIVO Acceptance tests - reducing runtime
  5. Messaging
    1. Based on the IndexingChangeListener pattern
    2. Potentially with RDF-Patch bodies
  6. Next steps
    1. VIVO-1691 - Getting issue details... STATUS



  1. Ralph using Docker in externalized Solr
  2. Brian to use Mac for Docker
  3. Huda making progress
  4. Benjamin has yet to try


  1. Interest in seeing the code
  2. Sounded like a good pattern
  3. JSON configuration approach helpful when it fits
    • This may not always work with complex facets
    • One consistent way of defining search-indexing is important
    • Will need to pay attention to this in the code review
  4. The features are appealing
    • Potential opportunity for UI clean-up
    • Would be interesting to evaluate against all approaches to UI features
  5. Which implementation of a feature makes it into the core?
    • First pull-request?
    • Call to the community for a feature?
      • i.e. Duke has facets


  1. Asking for reviews
    • vivo-1692 - Benjamin
    • vivo-1415 - Andrew
    • vivo-1670 - Andrew

Acceptance tests

  1. Need to establish a lightweight version
  2. Suggestion: group tests together that do not require completely clean environment


  1. Ideally, we could have ability to include modular UI components
  2. Question around advantages of UI over original configuration capability



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