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Add new text to a JSP



  1. Open the relevant JSP and add a new <fmt:message> element where you want the new text to appear, making sure that the value of the key attribute is unique. For example:<fmt:message key="jsp.home.mynewkey" />
  2. Open and (for neatness) find the list of key values for the JSP you just changed. Add a new line corresponding to your new key.
    jsp.home.mynewkey = Text of my new key
  3. Note: contains pairs of "keys" and "values". For example: {{jsp.home.search1 = Search }}
  4. Generally speaking, the "key" usually refers to the location of the JSP on which this text resides (e.g. jsp.home.search1 is "search-related" text displayed in dspace-source/jsp/home.jsp)
  5. Perform the steps in Rebuild DSpace.


  • You can, of course, simply add the text directly to the JSP, but you will find it easier to maintain text in your DSpace installation if it is all kept in
  • Remember, when adding or modifying text in, be very careful that you have word-wrap turned off in your text editor!