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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>



  1. Find the following JSP Tag near the top of the JSP:
    &lt;dspace:layout ... &gt;
  2. Pass this tag any of the following "attributes", to customize the layout of this JSP:
    • style
      - specifies the "style" of header/footer to display for this JSP
    • (e.g.)
      means the header-myStyle.jsp and footer-myStyle.jsp will be used for this JSP.
    • If
      is unspecified, header-default.jsp and footer-default.jsp are used.
    • navbar
      - specifies the navigation bar to use for this JSP</p>
    • (e.g.)
      means the navbar-myNavigation.jsp will be used for this JSP
    • navbar="off"
      turns off the navigation bar on a page.
    • If
      is unspecified, navbar-default.jsp is used.
    • locbar
      - specifies type of location bar to use. There are only a few values of real importance:</p>
    • locbar="off"
      - turns off the location bar on this JSP.
    • locbar="noLink"
      - do not provide links in location bar.
    • locbar="commLink"
      - attempt to provide all parent communities within the location bar.
    • If
      is unspecified, all parent communities/collections are displayed as links in the location bar.
  3. Perform the steps in Rebuild+DSpace.


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  1. How can I link the "myNavigation" word with my custom navigation bar? e.g. "navbar-customized.jsp"