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Fix ???

The file has name and value pairs separated by the equal sign. The name is a dot separated set of labels, in some cases this name is replaced by the value for the labeling of buttons in the jspui web interface.

jsp.adminhelp = Admin Help...
jsp.administer = Administer
jsp.admintools = Admin Tools

Fix for DSpace 1.4.2 and earlier versions


  • [dspace-source]/config/language-packs/
  • [dspace-source]/jsp/local/ (JSP producing ??? text)


  1. Search for the string inside the question marks in the file.
  2. Search for the same string inside the JSP; it should be the value of a key attribute to a <fmt:message> element. If both the JSP and appear to contain the string, be sure the strings match exactly.
  3. If does not contain the string, add it: that should appear
  4. Perform the steps in Rebuild DSpace.

Fix for DSpace 1.5.0 and later


  • [dspace-source]/dspace-api/src/main/resources/
  • [dspace-source]/dspace-jspui/dspace-jspui-webapp/src/main/webapp (JSP producing ??? text)


  1. Add the missing line to the file
  2. Copy & edit file. Look for the original file in
    • [dspace-source]/dspace-api/src/main/resources/
    • NOTE: IF you don't have the DSpace Source Code installed locally, you can also download this file via the web. Visit the below site, and browse to the proper version of DSpace, then follow the path (see above) to the proper sub-directory to download the original file.
  3. Copy the original file to this location in your local DSpace install. (NOTE: You may need to create the 'src/main/resource/' directory, as it doesn't exist by default):
    • [dspace-source]/dspace/modules/jspui/src/main/resources
  4. Add the missing line to For example, if the text you say is ??? then add  = The Text to Display
  5. If necessary, you may also wish to copy/change the original JSP file. The original can be found at: [dspace-source]/dspace-jspui/dspace-jspui-webapp/src/main/webapp/
    • generally put changes in here to keep original files intact (again, you may need to create the src/main/webapp directory if it doesn't exist): [dspace-source]/dspace/modules/jspui/src/main/webapp
  6. Perform the steps in Rebuild DSpace.