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  1. In dspace.cfg, you may uncomment the following lines to specify which metadata fields you would like to be browsing in Dspace's "Browse by Date", "Browse Authors", "Browse Titles" and "Browse Subjects" interfaces, respectively:
    # =
    # = dc.contributor.*
    # webui.browse.index.title = dc.title
    # webui.browse.index.subject = dc.subject.* 
  2. The above commented out values of these fields show the default fields browsed within DSpace. Currently, you are only able to specify a single metadata element (e.g. for each index, but may add one or more qualifiers (e.g. the issued qualifier on Note the following about qualifiers:
  3. Adding an asterisk * in place of a qualifier allows you to specify all possible qualifiers. So, specifying dc.subject.* means the browse index would include all of the following fields: dc.subject, dc.subject.lcsh, dc.subject.custom, etc.
    • You can also specify no qualifier (e.g. dc.title), which means the browse index does not include fields with qualifiers (so specifying dc.title will not include dc.title.alternative)
  4. If you modify any of the browse indicies in dspace.cfg, you must Re-index DSpace for the changes to take affect.


  • You can also customize which metadata fields are displayed whenever you browse a list of items (through any of the DSpace browse interfaces). To do so, see the section entitled Change browse layout.