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  • Ranas for dinner on Tuesday 12/4

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A plan is forming to do dinner at Ranas tonight.  They specialize in Mexico City-style Mexican food.  Here are the details.

  • Menu and more:
  • Location:
  • Plan on leaving the La Jolla area in the 6:15pm-6:20pm range.
  • The restaurant can only hold 25 people, so that's our cap.
  • Cabbing out there will be muy expensivo, so we should plan to carpool.
  • If you're interested, write your name in the "Interested" list below
  • If you have a vehicle & you're willing to drive folks out, write your name & the number of open seats in your vehicle in the "Vehicles" list below

We're looking to finalize the number of folks attending by 4pm.

Interested (25 max.)

  1. Mike Giarlo
  2. Declan Fleming (driver)
  3. Elaine Fleming (driver)
  4. Mark Bussey (driver)
  5. Chris Beer
  6. Dan Coughlin
  7. Carolyn Cole (driver)
  8. Jonathan Markow
  9. Robin Ruggaber
  10. Eddie Shin
  11. Tom Cramer
  12. Steven Anderson (driver)
  13. Bess Sadler
  14. Chris Awre
  15. Jeremy Friesen


  1. Declan Fleming (4)
  2. Elaine Fleming (3)
  3. Mark Bussey (6)
  4. Carolyn Cole (3)
  5. Steven Anderson (5 - need to be back by 8:30 though)
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