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The Fedora Futures Technical Team holds its meetings as hybrid teleconference and IRC chat.

Sprint Reports

Sprint 1: Candidate Evaluation and Test Harness Build-out

Sprint 2: Candidate Development (Modeshape and Lily)

Sprint 3: Modeshape prototype development; indexing services, event providers, API development

Sprint 4: API development, clustering

Sprint 5: Durability; self-healing repository; web-friendly APIs

Sprint 6: Code quality; Sonar reports

Sprint 7: Federating a file system into the repository

Sprint 8: Policy driven storage, REST API development

Sprint 9: "Globbing" REST API; hierarchical object model; transactions

Sprint 10: Hypertext as the engine of application state (HATEOAS); text/html responses; OAuth

Sprint 11: Tying up loose ends; Performance measurement

Sprint 12: Addressing performance hotspots; Deployment; Documentation


Daily Standup

M,W,F: 11:00am Eastern Daylight Time US (UTC-4)

Tu,Th: 10:45am Eastern Daylight Time

Weekly Committers Call

Half-hour, Thursdays: 11:00am Eastern Daylight Time US (UTC-4)

Iteration Planning

Two-hours, every other Wednesday: 10:00am Eastern Daylight Time US (UTC-4)

See Sprint Schedule for iteration start dates

Iteration Wrap-Up

One-hour, every other Tuesday: 12:00pm Eastern Daylight Time US (UTC-4)

See Sprint Schedule for iteration end dates


Meeting Ground Rules
  • Be on time. 
    • We are a distributed team and enjoy a great deal of flexibility in work schedules. The times we have scheduled together are relatively limited and should be respected.
  • If you can't make a meeting, email ff-internal in advance and provide a write-up of anything (e.g. standup report) that needs to be communicated
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