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This page describes features that Dryad may implement using ORCID. We expect that many of these features will be of value to the larger DSpace community. If you have feedback, please comment on this page, or send a note to

The descriptions below encompass features that should be of interest to a large DSpace community. See Dryad's wiki for ORCID-based features that are more specific to Dryad.

Basic authentication

Authentication to allow submitters to use their ORCID login as a login for DSpace.


  • Users can login to DSpace using the ORCID login system.
  • Users can create a new DSpace account using an ORCID login.
  • If the user is logged in, their ORCID user account will "own" any submissions created by the user.
  • The user's profile page should encourage them to link their account to ORCID.
  • There should be a button on the profile page that allows the user to login to ORCID (they may need to create an ORID account in the process). After logging in, their DSpace account is linked to the associated ORCID account.
  • When an ORCID is linked to a user's account, all relevant metadata associated with the ORCID account is stored in the user's DSpace profile.
    • The use of the metadata will honor the privacy settings in ORCID. Information that is marked as "Public" may be displayed alongside the user's name in DSpace, for disambiguation purposes. Information marked as "limited" may be retrieved on-the-fly for internal use by curators/catalogers.

Expected changes to DSpace:

  • Add basic support for OAUTH.
  • Add an XMLUI aspect that includes all ORCID-specific authentication.
    • Login page must include an option to use ORCID for authentication.
  • EPerson object should include a copy of the ORCID.
  • User profile page should include:
    • button to link an account to ORCID
    • if the account is linked, display summary of ORCID metadata (either looked up on-the-fly, or included in the EPerson).

Technical notes:

Adding ORCIDs to items at submission

When users submit new DSpace items, the authors listed in the items should be associated with ORCIDs.


  • There must be buttons that allow the submitter to lookup ORCIDs of all authors on the item.
    • Pressing one of these buttons launches a new window which searches the ORCID system for the given author's name.
    • If the search locates the correct author, the submitter selects the author, and the associated ORCID is transmitted back to Dryad.
    • If the target author does not already have an ORCID, they should be invited to create one.
  • There must be an easy way for the submitter to indicate that they are an author on the item, without requiring that the submitter is an author.

Expected changes to DSpace:

  • Submission system should allow buttons that link out to the ORCID search process.
  • Once submitter has selected an ORCID, the submission system page should reload and display the selected ORCID information.
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