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Bleeding Edge

This documentation covers the bleeding edge version of Fedora. Looking for another version? See all documentation.

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This page is a template for use in creating repository profiles for performance testing.

ParameterSuggested valuesNotes
Modeshape configurationdefault 
Infinispan configurationdefault 
Is a federated component required?Yessee below
Is a sequencing component required?No 

Is an authorization layer required?

Is versioning required?No 

Federation Configuration

"externalSources" : {
    "federated-files" : {
        "classname" : "org.fcrepo.connector.file.FedoraFileSystemConnector",
        "directoryPath" : "/path/to/large/disk",
        "projections" : [ "default:/federated => /" ],
        "contentBasedSha1" : "false",
        "extraPropertiesStorage" : "json",
        "readonly" : false
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