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The LAM-Dev-Con-X (LDCX) un-conference at Stanford from March 23 to 25, 2015 produced a broad agenda covering a range of pertinent projects and developments in the library and museum community. Below are a few notes and take-aways that were particularly relevant to Fedora 4.

Several JIRA tickets are mentioned below. All of these represent excellent opportunities to engage in F4 development. If you are interested, you are encouraged to assign yourself to any of these tickets and move their implementation forward!

  1. PCDM examples
    1. In an effort to bring some reality and clarity to how the Portland Common Data Model (PCDM) can be applied to existing repository use cases, the following collection-types were mapped into PCDM:
      1. Sufia / ScholarSphere - implementation of PCDM to extend Sufia Generic file capability to support complex works 
      2. GeoHydra - implementation of PCDM for GIS
      3. Simple Postcard Example
      4. Disk Image Example
      5. Book
  2. PCDM JSON-LD @context
    1. During a session detailing JSON-LD, it was suggested that a relatively simple and straight-forward exercise of creating a JSON-LD @context for the PCDM would go a long way towards facilitating consistent usage of JSON-LD with PCDM
    2. If you are interested in JSON-LD and/or PCDM, here is a ticket for this high-value, low-effort community contribution
      1. FCREPO-1415 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  3. PCDM deploying to with scripts
    1. In order to automate the deployment of the PCDM ontology based on updates to the 'master' branch, an auto-deploy setup should be established along the lines of the IIIF prior art
  4. Mega-thread discussion and next steps
    1. Server-managed triples (SMT)

      1. SMTs should be satisfied by the existing 'Prefer' header on GET requests (Prefer: return=representation; omit="")

      2. This should be verified under a variety of scenarios

        1. FCREPO-1416 - Getting issue details... STATUS

    2. Non-repo subjects

      1. For LDP compliance, ensure Fedora provides feedback when triples can not / will not be persisted

        1. On PUT, Fedora `must` fail -

          1. FCREPO-1417 - Getting issue details... STATUS

        2. On POST/PATCH, Fedora must advertise constraints -

          1. FCREPO-1418 - Getting issue details... STATUS

      2. Possibly the following blank-node/owl:sameAs pattern can address the issue of using non-repo resources

        ns:Object1 a some:LocalResource ;
            dcterms:creator [
              rdfs:label "Rob Sanderson" ;
              owl:sameAs <>
    3. LDP-RS creation on client request

      1. Initially, respond with "501 Not Implemented" when clients request creation of LDP-RS

        1. FCREPO-1396 - Getting issue details... STATUS

      2. Eventually, TBD depending on further consensus/discussion

  5. Ugly repository URLs with nested paths are a direct result of underlying performance mitigation
    1. Investigate cost of JBoss to work ModeShape ticket:

  6. We should continue to make clear to community that F4 can support XML datastreams if users are not ready to transition to RDF
  7. There is community interest and support in moving F4 towards Memento for versioning


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