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Title (Goal)

As a data user, I want a single representation that is derived from a graph of objects, both properties and content.

Primary Actor

Data user






Daniel Davis 

Story (A paragraph or two describing what happens)

Often the data needed comes from more than one place, I should be able to ask the repository for a representation without knowing how the data is stored.

As a data user, I want to want to get a representation from the repository but I don't know how the data is stored (structured).  Applications often assemble a package of data but this requires the developer to know the structure of the data and run multiple queries to assemble it.  Similar things happen for presentations such as a web page that is assembled from multiple parts.  As a data user I am comfortable using URIs to access data but this puts the burden on me when I should just be able to ask for a representation in the same fashion as anything else.  Without this feature, should the underlying data be restructured I need to change my code.  This is reasonable if I am the only user, but if many users need the same representation we can share one implementation.

  • I want a tabular dataset taken from the same time interval from multiple observation records
  • I want a collection of cougar images I can use in a slide show taken from a set of camera trap records