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Title (Goal)

As a data user, I want a representation returned that is created using a model of the essential characteristics of one or a graph of objects

Primary Actor

Data user






Daniel Davis 

Story (A paragraph or two describing what happens)

Often the data implementation of the system or data changes, I should be able to ask the repository for a representation that is always equivalent.

As a data user, I want to want to get a representation from the repository that is always equivalent.  As a data user I am comfortable using URIs to access data but often I expect that when I ask for a representation for a resource, I always get the and equivalent result.  Without this feature, should the underlying data be restructured I may get a different representation.  Since things must change over time, I cannot expect exactly the same representation but I will be satisfied with one that is equivalent based on some model of the essential characteristics of the representation.  This permits trusted change.

  • I want an equivalent image every time I access the same URI