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Title (Goal)

As a data user, I want a representation returned that emulation of the data and behavior of an object or graph of objects

Primary Actor

Data user






Daniel Davis 

Story (A paragraph or two describing what happens)

Data is not a static thing but often requires capturing behavior to provide an authentic experience.

As a data user, I want to want both the data and its behavior.  Currently we expect the consumer to provide the behavior but this often inadequate to get an authentic experience.  I should be able to emulate the behavior in the context of the data.  While this is potentially an advanced subject, simple things are possible such as providing a viewer with the data.  Or providing an application.  Research can often be captured by a workflow system.

  • When working with a spreadsheet I want to have working formulas 
  • A workflow system can be presented as a service via an API that can be used to repeatedly execute a set of research activities from a model tied to the research's context
  • A service could be deployed that emulates an API tied to the behavior and data


1 Comment

  1. This is a use case that interests us in the context of research data. For example, a mysql database dumped and stored in the repository may be scarcely intelligible without the application that was used to create it, and at the same time the application itself may be too outdated to be maintained any longer. I imagine a middle ground where the raw data could be stored and the original context emulated in some form.