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Scope & Objectives

This group is interested in working together on issues related to migrating from DSpace to Hydra. The discussions will include but not limited to adding features to Sufia 7 and underlying gems, coordinating documentation and developer resources at participating/interested institutions, and prioritizing development goals.

Sunset milestone: ?

Meeting Times & Communication Channels

Meeting Times:  Next meeting Friday, 1/13/17 @ 11pm(PST)/2pm(EST) - Per this doodle poll:

Or use one of the dial in numbers if that's more convenient:

Meeting ID: 559 098 6133

Participant ID: 41

Communication Channel: Hydra mailing lists (Hydra-partners, Hydra-community and Hydra-Tech), Hydra #dspace-migration-ig Slack channel, monthly call organized by co-chairs.


  • Aaron Collier, co-chair (California State University)

  • Nabeela Jaffer, co-chair (University of Michigan)

  • Steven Van Tuyl, co-chair (Oregon State)

  • Linda Newman, (University of Cincinnati) - interested participant

  • Drew Heles (Johns Hopkins University)
  • Jennifer Colt (Cornell University)
  • James R. Griffin III (Lafayette College Libraries)
  • James Halliday (Indiana University) - interested participant

  • Jose Blanco, Dspace developer (University of Michigan)

  • Hannah Frost (Stanford University)

  • Jim Tuttle (Duke)
  • Richard Jones (Cottage Labs)


Meeting Notes

Hydra Connect Meeting (10-06-16)



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