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This wiki space is now deprecated. The wiki for Samvera (formerly the Hydra Project) is now to be found here: Samvera

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This page will be used to enumerate a list of features and requirements for robust management, discovery, display, and sharing of digitized newspaper content within a DAMS.


FeatureWho wants it?Notes/links/etc.
Split PDF into page-level imagesBPL, Alberta, Penn State, IUPUI 
Ingest from CONTENTdm exportYale, IUPUI 
Bulk ingest of NDNP-compliant dataMaryland, Penn State

specification doc

Manage content according to alternative orderings/groupings (e.g. microfilm reel, or book for bound sets)MarylandThis would support cases where issue-level metadata is not (yet) available

Bulk ingest of "generic" METS/ALTO data

*including METS/ALTO with article segmentation

Alberta; Princeton, UU, Cornell, Penn State

*Boston College

Supporting tweaking of params to address minor differences
Bulk ingest of Olive dataAlbertaAnyone?

Bulk ingest of PDFs

Penn State; Alberta
Generate a report for collections like item counts and usage statisticsIUPUI
Admin dashboardIUPUI


FeatureWho wants it?Notes/links/etc.
Search within issue OCR BPL, Yale, Princeton, Maryland, Alberta, UU, IUPUI, Cornell, Penn State 
Highlight search terms on page image BPL, Yale, Maryland, Alberta; Princeton, UU, IUPUI, Cornell, Penn StateWith ability to toggle these on/off
Highlight article boundsMaryland, UU, Cornell, Penn StateRequires OCR in ALTO XML format
Download "clipped" article for newspapers with article segmentationBoston CollegeRequires METS/ALTO with article segmentation and following "continuations" across pages
Download article as PDFMaryland, UU, Cornell, IUPUIIf issue bounds are available, offer the option to download just the pages containing a particular article
Download issue as PDF BPL, Yale, Princeton, Maryland, UU, IUPUI, Cornell(from Yale) if the PDF could have a cover page that includes Rights information and metadata it would be ideal.
If animations are used for page turning, ability to turn them off.Yale, Maryland, UU 
Search using multiple translated languages on a single pageYale, Penn StateIn the event that the OCR/coordinates for a page has been translated into multiple languages.
Advanced search - ability to search just the text captions for imagesYalewith understanding that it is possible to code the content in a way that makes this work (PCDM?)
Advanced search - ability to search text exclusively for advertisements (or exclude this text from a search including faceting)Yale, UUwith understanding that it is possible to code the content in a way that makes this work (PCDM?)
Filter search by article type (article, obituary, advertisement etc.) where provided in the dataAlberta, UU 
Gallery display modeUU
Advanced search based on regions (city, county, state, country)Penn State
Calendar browsePenn State, IUPUI, Boston College
Download visualized snippetPenn State
Zoom & Pan with ability to serve image files and PDF filesPenn State
Front page viewsPenn State

(strangely used a lot in user stats)

OCR correction functionsPenn State, Boston College, IUPUI


FeatureWho wants it?Notes/links/etc.
IIIF Presentation API for issue-level objects BPL, Yale, Princeton, Alberta, Cornell, Penn State 
 IIIF manifests for newspapers should function in off-the-shelf IIIF viewers (Mirador etc.) without modification or enhancement.Alberta
Ability to integrate with existing IIIf services (i.e. make support for IIIf and other external services pluggable)Maryland, Alberta, Penn State, IUPUIFor example, if an institution has a Loris server and a manifest generation app already, this app should support integration of those services
Expose PURLs for issues and pagesMaryland, Alberta, IUPUI 
Expose PURLs and citation metadata (human and machine readable) for articles where article-level metadata is availableAlberta
Support redirects from legacy URLs for issues, pages, articlesAlberta, IUPUI 
API to get just the textPenn State
Open Annotations for OCR text, ideally linked in IIIF Presentation APIPenn State
Open SearchPenn State
Linked Data optionsPenn State
CORS and JSONP supportPenn State



FeatureWho wants it?Notes/links/etc.
Page turning is high performing Yale, Cornell, Boston College Less than 1 second to navigate page to page
every web page should be able to be bookmarkedYale, Cornell, Penn Statemeaning pages should not use session variables that construct page contents. A user should be able to email a link and the receiver sees the page same as the sender.
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