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Meeting Notes

  • 4Science (Andrea)
    • 4Science has a goal to release their DSpace/IIIF module as open source.  They are seeking development and funding partners to make that feasible.
    • The current solution implements the IIIF Image API, the IIIF Presentation API, the IIIF Search API.  Integration of the IIIF Authentication API is in progress. 
      • The authentication API could be used to require authentication in order to perform a deep zoom of an image.
    • The UV (universal viewer) has been the easiest and most general purpose viewer to integrate.
      • UV: supports images, video, 3D objects
      • Mirador: supports images only
    • The module uses bitstream metadata (DSpace metadata for all objects) to populate a canvas-level metadata within a manifest
  • Edinburg (Claire and Scott)
    • 30,000 images have been loaded into the Luna Image server.  TIF files are converted into JP2 and JPG files)
      • Also, 30 digitized rare books
    • Manifests are stored in DSpace
      • DSpace provides persistent ids for objects.
    • Skylight (from U of Auckland) searches on top of DSpace.  Open Seadragon integrated as well.
    • Annotations are compiled using the Open Annotation Model 
      • This is a separate W3C standard allowing for the creation of a hierarchy of annotations
    • Note from the IIIF conference: manifest files need to be provided over https in order to play with with IIIF viewers
    • Many IIIF tools can be deployed/hosted for free.  
      • The real cost of using IIIF is in creating/hosting derivative images
      • ??? license needed
  • UCLA (Kevin and Hardy)
    • Developed a custom image server that can reference objects in DSpace or Fedora
    • Permits greater control of generated derivative objects
    • Millions of image tiles stored in AWS so images can be created up front, not on demand
    • Exploring options for 3D objects within the Universal Viewer
  • Georgetown (Suzanne and Terry)
    • Prototyping underway using Cantaloupe to reference DSpace bitstreams
      • Pass in a handle/bitstream sequence, retrieve a IIIF compliant image
    • Experimenting with manifest creation
      • Per meeting conversation, the UV is recommended for visualizing collections of manifests
    • Questions about hosting IIIF viewers
      • While a viewer does not need to be hosted, other participants are hosting viewers.  Viewer hosting just requires hosting js components.

Additional Resources

Next Steps

  • Schedule another conversation in 2 months.
    • Tentative plan will be for 1500 UTC, but open to a later meeting time to accommodate additional time zones
  • Encourage additional participation in this sub group at the Open Repositories conferene
  • Potential break out conversation at the IIIF meeting in Toronto in October 2017
  • Document IIIF use cases
  • Share use cases and architectural ideas with the DSpace 7 development teams
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  1. Some of my colleagues recently presented at the IIIF conference on the work we've been doing with IIIF at UCLA Library: