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The Hydra Connect Program Committee has started formulating the program for Hydra Connect in the fall and we want your help!  Please add to the list below of must cover topics for Hydra Connect that could be covered by presentations, lightning talks, posters, working groups, workshops, etc.   Let's make this the best Hydra meeting ever! 

Key for Format and Audience Type

WS = workshop
PL = plenary
LT = lightning talk
PR = presentation (say 20 mins)
WG = Work group (Friday)

PS = Poster

NPA = New and prospective adopters

MGR = established managers

DEV = established developers

OTH = other

Possible Topics

Subject matterSuggested format(s)Suggested track
Suggested By

EAD/discovery layers (bEADl)

  Adam Wead
Integration with ArchivesSpace (HAWG)  Ben Goldman
Archival repo services (ASphere, Hypatia)  Ben Goldman

Hydra for (new) managers

WSNPAChris Awre
Hydra for DevOpsWS (2 hours) Erin Fahy
Fedora 4 / Hydra test drive, and roadmap planningWS (2 hrs - Half day) Duraspace

Working with RDF in Hydra



Intro to RailsWSNPA 
State of the HydraSpherePLAll 
One Year with Hydra: what we know now; what we wish we knew earlierPL/LTAllLinda Newman
Sufia Futures (works, fedora 4, etc.)WG Mike Giarlo
Hydra RDF Working Group (check in and reinvigorate effort)WG Mike Giarlo

Common approaches to service management for an implemented Hydra head (e.g., ScholarSphere, Stanford Digital Repository, etc.) - what if we could come up with requirements for a service manager toolkit? Or some such.

MGR Patricia Hswe

Hydra UX - how is the Hydra community engaging users of their products as they’re being developed and maintaining that outward-facing perspective as a service is launched and evolves? What are common methods/tools/approaches we could be sharing and putting out there for others to test out/critique/adopt?

WG, PS Patricia Hswe

Mediated deposit approaches/workflows - where do you start, and what are the critical paths for building this arm of a Hydra-based service, especially if one already has the self-deposit component well in place?

WG Patricia Hswe

Metadata workflows/management and Hydra - I’m interested in hearing folks’ ideas on this and getting an overview of how the community is addressing it. 

  Patricia Hswe

Strategic hiring and position development for Hydra shops in libraries. What kinds of roles are emerging or being re-cast/re-thought as the result of expanded, deepening commitment to a Hydra infrastructure at academic libraries?

LT Patricia Hswe
Introducing the out of the box solutions: Sufia, Hydramata, Worthwhile, AvalonPL? WS?NPAJustin
Building Hydra-Works (possibly extracting from Worthwhile/Hydramata)WG/WS?DEVJustin
How do we migrate to Fedora 4PLAllJustin
Dive into HydraWSNPA/OTHNathan Tallman
How to manage agile developmentWSMGRKaren Cariani
How to manage a hydra project (may be similar to Patricia's suggestion)WSMGRKaren Cariani
What is Fedora? and why is Fedora 4 a good option for my needs? (why should i migrate?)PLNPAKaren Cariani
HydraDAM and WGBH's new workflow for media preservationPSNPA/MGRKaren Cariani
Migration of a hydra head - what to expect, what to look out forWSMGR/DEVKaren Cariani
What is Hydra and why should I use it? What are the benefits it gives me? (this may be the Hydra for managers, but the program heading should clarify that) or it could be a presentation just before the workshopPSNPAKaren Cariani
building the hydra community - how to and why we shouldWGOTHKaren Cariani
using contracted vendors to help with a hydra project - how to, challenges, case studiesWGMGR/DEVKaren Cariani
Patterns for Internationalization: How do we structure our software, documentation, communication, and community to support an increasingly international audience?WGAllBess Sadler
Hydra Digital Preservation working groupWG Claus Jensen
Oregon Digital: Moving from CONTENTdm to HydraLT Karen Estlund
Converting Metadata to Linked Data (could be interactive workshop if people want to work on their own metadata or presentation of approaches)WS or PR Karen Estlund
Empowering the Community Through a Framework for Interest Groups and Working GroupsPL or PRALLRobin Ruggaber & Rob Sanderson
Building regional Hydra user groups (like Boston/New England)WGAllKaren Cariani
Avalon Together: Running point on an Avalon pilot? Join us.WG Hannah Frost
HydraLabs any promotions?WG or WSDevCarolyn Cole



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