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  • 2016-11-17—PCDM FileSets Meeting
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Date and Time

November 17 2016, 2pm EDT

Connection Information

Google Hangouts:



  1. Review and merge use case documents: 
    1. AIC:
  2. Build technical requirements and adjust charter wording if necessary:  FileSets Working Group

Previous action Items:

  1. Stefano - gather use cases from various documents that describe the reasons for forming this WG. If needed put them into a single document on which we can all collaborate.
  2. Drew - Do the same as Stefano, specifically for the Hydradam use cases.
  3. Everybody - help formalize all use cases in a way that they can be turned into actionable tickets during our next meeting.


  • General agreement on use case document; some amendments and clarifications
  • Point 1 is more about establishing shared practices and providing guidelines for CC implementers to model content; it requires writing up some documentation 
  • Some minor adjustments to the charter document needed
  • Only major decision point is whether we want to use FileSets to fulfill the planned functionality or completely do away with FileSets and elect a CC-specific class, inherited from pcdm:Object
    • Both approaches need code changes
  • We can start creating a code repository and entering tickets; we will review the tickets and lay out an action plan in the next meeting 
  • Some specific features, such as WGBH's links between Files (e.g. <XML metadata file> iana:describes <content bitstream>) are up to individual implementers; we want to keep the model as open as possible making only minimal assumptions
  • Same for point 4 (discoverability): each implementer should be working off of a shared base to tweak Blacklight to match their institutional discovery needs
  • Github repository: we can open a new repo under projecthydra-labs so we have a place for tickets centered on this WG rather than the individual projects that we are going to commit code to 

Action Items

  • Stefano Cossu: Adjust charter points to match use case document
  • Andrew Myers: Open Github repository to start putting tickets 
  • Andrew Myers and others: enter key tickets in Github repo


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