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  • 2017-01-05—FileSets WG Meeting
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Date and Time

January 5, 2017, 2pm EDT

Connection Information

Google Hangouts:

Moderator: Stefano Cossu

Notetaker: Esmé Cowles



  1. Notetaker?
  2. Review last week's action items
    1. Review tickets for putting diagrams to use cases.
    2. Review tickets for actionable steps toward fulfilling all other use cases:
  3. Github team for the wg. Is that ok with everyone?
  4. Create a dev plan for: Allow storing a binary file containing technical metadata about a pcdm:File.
  5. Create a dev plan for: Allow customizing the role of a File within a FileSet.


  • Reviewing action items
  • Github team
    • Reviewed team and added missing members
    • Any objections to this?
  • Dev plan for storing binary file with technical metadata
  • Dev plan for customizing File use property
    • Do we want to revise the PCDM Use vocab at the same time?
      • Probably not — this can be a generic feature that you can plug any terms into.
    • There's an issue that ActiveFedora doesn't allow changing rdf:type, so using a custom property when creating a File would work, but you wouldn't be able to change it later.
    • Should the PCDM use values be required to be unique in a FileSet?
      • Right now, trying to add multiple Files with the same use value would give you an error.
      • Maybe there is some other functionality that would address this use case?
    • Should have some wireframes for this?
      • Given the CurationConcerns/Sufia/Hyrax work, probably premature.
        • We should probably handle this in CurationConcerns 2.0 and fold into Hyrax when appropriate.
      • Maybe we could have a pulldown menu to select the use value when adding a File, or a form for each use value allowing upload of a file with that use value and/or deleting/replacing existing Files.
      • There are also use cases for multiple Files with the same use type, or no use type, etc.  This sounds like a feature request for handling those Files.
  • Next meeting: 01/12/2017 at 2pm Eastern

Action Items

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