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  • 2017-03-23—FileSets WG Meeting
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Date and Time

March 23, 2017, 2pm EDT

Connection Information

Google Hangouts:

Moderator: Stefano Cossu

Notetaker: Julie Hardesty



  1. Notetaker?
  2. Review last week's action items / Review code progress
    1. Complete validation PR - was changed because of second action item
    2. Got feedback from Hydra Tech call and made first action not as worth doing
    3. Don’t need PR for type validation like we had it - need to move this to different area of code stack
    4. Type validation was going to go into Hydra Works layer of stack but can leave it at Hyrax level
    5. Way files are added to file sets is one at a time, so validation happens during single file upload (during the job queue); want to provide way to put multiple files into fileset, not sure if validation is going to happen one at time or in a job; both file and fileset have to be saved so validation might be happening on both things; we only care about validation on fileset
    6. If rules exist that only one file of a certain type can exist in fileset, not going to know that until all files are loaded into fileset
    7. Might want to address this with UI (save button greyed out unless correct types are set - minimum/maximum number of types, etc)
    8. Also want validation step on save action
    9. Might need way to work with all files being uploaded altogether (as a batch) instead of individually
    10. Been suggested to use ActiveModel::Validator pattern
    11. Probably need to include class to do this validation in models/file_set/file_set_behavior
  3. LDCX session pitch + Dev congress hack space
    1. Relating one file to another file is an option - already listed for dev congress
    2. Describe problem and get feedback on architectural/strategic side - LDCX
      1. use that info to accomplish tasks
      2. might have terms to add to pcdmuse but that might not be necessary
    3. PHYDO has UI workflow around filesets almost complete to manage files in a filesets - based on CC but could be demonstrable at LDCX 
    4. LDCX - general discussion about this project and goals (no code) - add to topics doc (
    5. Dev congress - code review - if Drew completes PR, that can be reviewed/given as lightning talk
  4. Discuss public facing name for FileSets
    1. Should convey difference between Files and FileSets
    2. Should be easy to understand and memorize by non-technical users
  5. Next steps


Previous Action Items

  • Andrew Myers Complete validation PR
  • Andrew Myers post file to file associations question to the tech list
  • Adam Wead summarise the rdf:type issue to the tech list; what problems would the solution cause

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