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  • 2017-04-06—FileSets WG Meeting
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Date and Time

Aptil 6, 2017, 2pm EDT

Connection Information

Google Hangouts:

Moderator: Stefano Cossu




  1. Notetaker?
  2. Review LDCX meeting
  3. Review last week's action items
    1. fileset could have descriptive metadata applied that is associated with originalFile in fileset (creator, date, etc)
      1. other files in fileset are derivatives of some kind off of that original file
    2. searching for technical characteristics is connected to filesets and files where searching for description stops at the object level
  4. Next steps


Previous Action Items

  • Andrew Myers Complete validation PR
  • Andrew Myers post file to file associations question to the tech list
  • Adam Wead summarise the rdf:type issue to the tech list; what problems would the solution cause
  • Andrew Myers Pitch a session at Hydra Dev Congress for creating actionable tickets for relating files to one another
  • Stefano Cossu Create some search user stories to inform UI development 

Action Items

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