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  • Applied Linked Data Group: Current status / summary (newcomer's perspective)
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Members of the group are not currently engaged in coordinated development of a product on any timeline. Individuals are working in various directions and advising / consulting one another.

Area: Linked Data Fragments

Area: Indexing / Solr

  • If an entry changes, it will need to be re-indexed in every solr document containing that entry.
    • Therefore, we must use atomic updates.
    • Therefore, all fields in solr must be stored
    • Therefore, we need a way to exclude full-text fields from document retrieval or everything will take one million years.
      • This does not currently exist in solr but the group is in contact with a solr developer who is willing to help.
        • Note some discussion of how to use this once it's ready on 2015-12-10
      • Note this is not a concern if you don't have any full-text data
  • Related: 'side-car indexer' described as 'Option 3' on 2015-04-29.

Area: Making assertions about external triples

  • Members of this group are very early in explorations of this work.
  • Want to make a local correction or add additional info / context to a triple owned externally
  • Implies that we need the external resource to be versioned, which necessitates caching.
  • Also want to record author of the assertion
  • Can be done with either named graphs or reification.
  • Also discussed on 2015-08-06 as 'meta-authority records'

Area: Generally sharing projects and helping one another

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