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  • 2017-07-27—FileSets WG Meeting
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Date and Time

July 27, 2017, 2pm EST

Connection Information

Google Hangouts:

Moderator: Stefano Cossu

Notetaker: Stefano Cossu



  1. Notetaker?
  2. Note: changed folder name: FileSets WG Shared Documents:
  3. Updated sample graph with separate File and FileSet metadata
  4. Indexing and search scenarios:
  5. Access to FieSets and Files (read, write, discover)


  1. Better clarity and agreement about roles of Files, FileSets and Works
  2. Predicates for role of FIle in FileSet ("pcdmuse"):
    1. We could use rdf:type:
      1. rdf:type is used in current pcdmuse ontology
    2. Or a custom term:
      1. Ontologically more specific—separate from traditional Fileset–Work relationship
      2. Should it still be a subproperty of rdf:type?
    3. We should reuse existing pcdmuse terms, i.e. the range of this predicate should be a rdfs:Class
  3. Indexing and search
    1. General agreement on use cases—all can be satisfied with the planned setup

Previous Action Items

  • Andrew Myers Complete validation PR
  • Andrew Myers post file to file associations question to the tech list
  • Adam Wead summarise the rdf:type issue to the tech list; what problems would the solution cause
  • Stefano Cossu Create some search user stories to inform UI development

Action Items

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